A fun, yet surprisingly inspirational autobiography from YouTuber Stuart Edge

It seems everyone, no matter their age, gender, or ethnicity, knows the popular video network, YouTube. Who would have believed it would be what it is today from its beginning in 2005. In just over ten years, billions of videos have been uploaded and many people who have uploaded videos have found and continue to find incredible success. Many of these well-known YouTubers have been asked to write autobiographies to share with their viewers how they found success through YouTube and these books have been appearing at a rapid pace on bookshelves. One more recent addition to this collection is On the Edge, written by Stuart Edge.

Uploading his first video close to when YouTube first began, Edge became a star with the very first video he ever posted, “Mistletoe Kissing Prank.” However, he did not start out making videos. In On the Edge, Edge takes readers through, basically, his entire life up to the present day: from his first performance on stage to moving to Mexico with his family for a year to serving for two years back in Mexico as a missionary to working as a porta-potty cleaner. These are but a few of the events in Edge’s life leading up to his YouTube debut and Edge shares even more of his YouTube life after sharing that his debut received one million views in a single day.

With all of this information Edge shares, it makes the reading experience very enjoyable. He shares secrets many people wouldn’t share themselves and he becomes very personable when telling his life story so far. This makes the reading experience rather unique for, while some memoir writers will share a couple of bad experiences, but focus more on the great experiences, Edge focuses on EVERY bad experience and EVERY good experience that got him to where he is today. Along with his life experiences, Edge includes what he learned from each one and wishes for his readers to gain the same knowledge and advice he learned. Readers may want to keep a highlighter handy, for even though Edge is still young, he is incredibly wise to the workings of the world. Edge also swears by sticky notes and inserts inspirational sticky notes throughout his chapters for easy access.

Not every chapter is incredibly serious and inspirational, for Edge, if people are familiar of his work, is also a rather fun and witty speaker. He mentions in his book that he loves to make people laugh and has loved doing so since a young age. A good portion of his book is dedicated to his career on YouTube, for it has played a large role in his life. For those who already follow Edge, they will more than likely recognize the videos he references and have fond memories from when they first watched the videos. For those who have seen maybe one of Edge’s videos or none at all, they will be introduced to a plethora of fun new videos and will more than likely visit YouTube upon completion of his book to watch for themselves.

On the Edge is a fast, fun, and inspirational read that can reach out to a wide audience. In this day and age, a majority of the readers will be of a younger audience, but an older audience may be touched with how passionate Edge is about what he wants to do in the future and how God has played and continues to play a large role in his life. It is a hope for Edge’s words to really speak to younger readers, encouraging them to be themselves rather than what society says they should be. Minus one rather noticeable Disney hiccup early in his book (page 31: Dumbo’s mother did not die, they were separated and this is what makes “Baby Mine” such a touching, yet heart-wrenching song), every aspect of Edge’s story is memorable. A promising young man who continues to entertain through the most popular video network and who now inspires through the written word.


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