A great first impression on first novel of new thriller cop series

Thriller and suspense book series involving cops are always a popular choice among readers. And why not? There are so many different stories that can be written, so many different mysteries and cases that need to be solved, so many action packed thrills and edge-of-your-seat moments and, thanks to the authors of these books, cops are given the praise and thanks they deserve for protecting and serving. Author Dwayne Clayden chose to write his own thriller series that follows a cop named Brad Coulter. Crisis Point, the first novel in Clayden’s new series, was released recently and promises for many exciting new books in the near future.

It only takes a moment for someone’s life to change and Calgary cop Brad Coulter discovers that in 1976 when he loses his best friend and partner in the aftermath of an armed robbery. Haunted by that night, Coulter vows to avenge his partner, yet takes no steps to do so until his new veteran partner wakes him from his stupor. He is able to link the killers to a series of Brinks truck robberies that are occurring at local malls and applies to be part of a new Tactical Support Unit to go after the criminals. Can Coulter successfully complete his training in his new unit to stop his partner’s murderers before they attempt another heist? One thing is for sure: no other innocent life will die on Coulter’s watch without a fight.

Crisis Point proves to be the first of many firsts in Clayden’s career as an author, for it is the first book in his first series and the first novel that he has written. Readers can add one more first to Clayden’s list upon completing his novel: Crisis Point makes a very good first impression. Its success stems from so many elements, such as the author’s own real world experience, the author’s writing style, and the realistic-sounding story, all merging together to create one very appealing and very enjoyable read.

For starters, readers should know that Clayden has had over 40 years of experience working with emergency services, including serving as a police officer and paramedic, two fields that can be found as the career choice of two major characters in the story. Clayden is incredibly knowledgeable and this knowledge helps to bring the already realistic-sounding story even more to life. Rather than grasping at straws and assuming that a cop or paramedic would do certain actions, Clayden knows what these jobs actually entail on a day-to-day basis. It is actually rather refreshing to read a cop story that wasn’t about a large explosion that wiped out a city or a death plague with an unknown source, but rather about a string of robberies that could most likely even happen tomorrow. It is still a terrible crime that could be committed, but one that is more realistic and shows that the police can and will do whatever it takes to resolve it to keep people safe.

Another element that is rather intriguing about Clayden’s story is that it takes place within the span of a year. One can only imagine how quickly events must occur within the life of a cop. Even his writing style, short, sweet, and to the point, most likely portrays what life must be like in this line of work. Every day is different and when events happen that get rather intense, they must happen so quickly that one cannot stop to think. And speaking of events, readers will always know what is about to happen for Clayden shares the point of view of both the main cop, Brad Coulter, as well as the head of the group of criminals robbing banks. It is always fascinating when readers are allowed to see into the thoughts and actions of both the good and the bad characters. Brad Coulter is an admirable young cop who just wants to keep his city safe, yet readers will also learn rather quickly that he is one of those people where trouble is never far behind him. The main criminal is an interesting case and readers will discover also rather quickly his reasoning behind his heists, but he could have used a bit more development for he was on his way to being a rather sympathetic character.

To make future Brad Coulter stories even more intriguing, there are a couple minor details Clayden can develop. He most certainly has the thrill and suspense factors down, but if he was looking to create mystery behind the crimes, there was not much. It is wonderful to share both sides of the spectrum, the good and the bad, and Clayden has definitely succeeded with that element; however, rather than readers knowing exactly what the good and bad are planning, with only the uncertainty of how the two will face off, why not know what both are planning, but still have the uncertainty as to where the plans are leading to? Similar to what thriller writer K.J. Howe has done in her series where, after giving her readers views of both the good guys and the villain, still leaves that mystery and uncertainty as to the true intentions of the villain until the very end. Another very minor detail that could be polished is the editing. Very simple grammatical errors that, when tidied up, will allow the story to flow in such a way that will capture and hold onto the reader’s attention without breaking the suspense.

Readers are in for a thrilling ride as they dive into Crisis Point. It is a story about a cop who witnesses a traumatizing experience, yet is still able to recover with the help of others. It is the story of a cop who is followed by trouble no matter where he goes, yet will still do whatever it takes to keep his city safe. Crisis Point is the first of hopefully many novels to come in Clayden’s first thriller series. How the book ends mixed with Clayden’s extensive knowledge working in emergency services, readers most certainly have much to look forward to for future stories could branch in many different directions. Thankfully, readers will not have to wait long for the second novel of the series, Outlaw MC, is set to be released this upcoming fall.


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