A gripping start to a new sci-fi trilogy that puts a fun new spin on the genre

2018 marks the year that self-published author A.C. Weston has added her voice to the science fiction genre with the first installment in her new trilogy. Fans of sci-fi are in for a real treat as the book offers a unique and gripping story that puts a fun new spin on common elements found in the genre. The Vada Chronicles is the trilogy readers shall keep their eyes on for She Is the End will pique anyone’s interest before they even open the book and will hold onto that interest once the story is complete.

Relai Aydor is the queen of the planet Arden, but not a queen to be idolized. She is a tyrant who has committed terrible atrocities and is feared for the future plans she has in store for the planet. Milo Hemm, a survivor of a race nearly extinct due to the queen’s murderous actions, plans to bring her to justice and finds her on the planet Earth. However, the queen is not the queen he expects for the Relai Aydor he finds has not been ruling… at all. Now it is up to Relai to reclaim her throne from the imposter sitting upon it, but she can only hope to accomplish this feat with the help of some unlikely comrades. With tension amongst the group and no one being able to trust anyone, will this unlikely crew even survive long enough to get off of Earth?

From a first glance, Weston’s book is both intimidating and intriguing: intimidating due to its size for it houses over 500 pages of story, yet intriguing due to its beautiful cover art and title. Readers should not be intimidated by its size for it is a story that moves at a quick pace due to Weston’s engrossing storytelling and agile writing style. And she is the end? Who is the end and what is it that is coming to an end? There is only one way for readers to find out…

Upon opening She Is the End, readers are in for a nice surprise for while there are common elements normally found in many other sci-fi books, Weston took these elements and spun them into her own unique creation. Not much can be said about many of these elements without giving any of the story away, but there is one that is very intriguing. While most sci-fi stories will either have characters going from Earth to another planet or the whole story taking place on other planets, Weston’s story is the other way around. Weston took this concept and had fun with it as Earth is alien to her characters and readers will enjoy seeing how her characters try to figure out the strange things of Earth as well as the planet’s stranger inhabitants. Granted, the characters are trying to get off of Earth in She Is the End, so future books will most likely have the characters on another planet.

When it comes to science fiction, creating new worlds is perhaps one of the most alluring, yet challenging feats writers will encounter. Some will use known elements found in many other well-known sci-fi worlds while others will create their own. Weston is to be commended for pursing the latter option and, aside from most of her story taking place on Earth, has gotten off to a great start at creating new alien worlds and sci-fi elements. However, there are times throughout her story where she leaves readers wanting more. Right at the start of She Is the End, new elements of Weston’s worlds are introduced. Many new names and terms are tossed at the reader that are unfamiliar and most are explained as the story progresses, but it can become difficult to follow at times. Many elements are explained come the story’s completion, yet there are still others that are still not explained. Fortunately, there are two more books to look forward to to not only explain what hasn’t been yet, but to also introduce even more of Weston’s new world.

While certain elements of Weston’s sci-fi world need a bit more explanation, her characters are some of the best readers will have come across in a story in a long time. She Is the End focuses more on characters and their development to tell the story rather than settings and minute details. All of the characters readers will follow are incredibly likable with very Guardians of the Galaxy like personalities when it comes to the main characters trying to work together and readers will find themselves picking a favorite character, most likely from the main five readers will follow.

Relai, the true queen of Arden, is a very well-written character, excellently portraying her inner conflict between thinking like the soon-to-be ruler she truly is and thinking about her comrades and their safety and concerns. Milo is an amazingly complex character who also faces inner conflicts, conflicted by what he is feeling and trying to hide it from others in fear that he can’t trust any of them. Ky is very much like the irresponsible adult who should be taking care of everyone and does when he wants to, but mostly just does his own thing. Tannor is an Ardenian guard and a true powerhouse woman who is wicked smart, can think quickly on her feet, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. And finally Goren, a young Ardenian guard who is so loveably careless and naïve and only wants to help even though he doesn’t know how.

Weston has most certainly made her name known in the science fiction genre with She Is the End. It offers an intriguing and unique start to a new trilogy readers will definitely want to complete. The quick pace of the story will have readers unable to put the large book down until they have reached the end. They will fall in love with the characters and enjoy how they move the story forward. Readers will be eager to continue following these characters as well as learn more about the elements of Weston’s world that were not entirely explained in the first book. Perhaps readers may even find reading the book a second time to reveal things easily missed the first time through to be something worth doing before the next book. Be on the lookout for the next installment in The Vada Chronicles, a promising trilogy with great potential for future books. Hopefully, book two will be out sooner than anticipated so readers may continue the adventure Weston has begun.


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