A new light-hearted piece of fiction

A few years ago, Sandra Ann Falcetta accomplished one of her dreams: she became a self-published author. Her first book, Dear Diary: An Elvis Fan Remembers, was an autobiography about her life and how the King, Elvis Presley, played a huge role in it. Now, as 2016 faces its final weeks, Falcetta has written and recently self-published her second book and her first piece of fiction: My Garden Angel.

Life is full of wonder and despair, hope and grief, peace and misfortune. No one person knows what he or she will face in life and Sandy Tebar, born in the late 1940s, was no different. She enjoyed the wonders of life, but also had to face rough trials. Through everything, her faith in God remained strong and He helped her through the roller coaster humans call ‘Life.’

For any reader who is familiar with Falcetta’s first book, they will instantly recognize her writing style in My Garden Angel. She stays true to her voice, keeping sentences and paragraphs short and this, in turn, makes readers want to keep reading and wanting to know what will come next. It is a rather complex book to describe to any interested reader, for it is a mixture of many different elements that all work together.

When curious readers kept asking Falcetta what her book was about, she posted her answer to them on her author Facebook page: “OK. ‘My Garden Angel’ is quite a mixture. It is a fictional Cinderella-like story. It has murder, incest, and love. It is a comedy and yet a drama. Life’s trials we can all relate to but seldom realize it. It begins in the late 1940’s and carries on to the future. Now—so I have you totally confused? I do hope you will enjoy it!” (posted by Sandra Ann Falcetta November 21, 2016 on her Facebook group page, Sandra Ann Falcetta – Author).

For anyone who knows Falcetta, whether personally or through social media, they will find many elements of her as a person throughout the story for it is, basically, a fictional version of her life. The character’s main name, the names of Sandy’s friends, and other family names have been mentioned to family and friends Falcetta knows. Even traits about Sandy’s character – her strong faith in God, her good-natured spirit, and her love for Elvis – are all traits Falcetta carries herself.

Perhaps the only thing that could have been expanded upon in My Garden Angel would have been the time span of each of the trials Sandy faced. Even for a Cinderella-like story, one will always come across conflict in life and while Falcetta’s character faced many hardships, all of the hardships seemed to be resolved too quickly. One of the main elements that keeps readers reading is conflict within a story and how the characters they come to love resolve and overcome that conflict. While there are many conflicts in Falcetta’s story, perhaps some could have been expanded upon or carried out just a bit more.

My Garden Angel is Falcetta’s second self-published book and her first attempt at writing fiction. As an author, she succeeds beautifully in providing light-hearted and easy to read stories many readers will enjoy. While it is difficult to officially describe what My Garden Angel is about, it is a story where each reader will more than likely take something different away from it. This may turn into a book where, if one asks twenty different readers to describe what it is about, one will receive twenty different explanations. As 2017 draws ever nearer, not only would My Garden Angel make an excellent Christmas gift, but also reading Falcetta’s fictional story about her life will give readers factual faith to bring into the New Year.


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