A new monster arises from the depths in new creature feature folklore series

2019 is proving to be an amazing year for talented new authors in the writing community and many of these authors are coming from the publisher readers need to keep their eye on: Evolved Publishing. One such author, J.P. Barnett, released his debut novel, The Beast of Rose Valley, in early March. This debut marked the first in his creature feature suspense Lorestalker Series. Now, just a few months later, readers can read the next in Barnett’s promising new series with the release of The Kraken of Madre Cape on June 3rd.

Two years have passed since the Beast terrorized the small town of Rose Valley. Two years have passed since Miriam witnessed her brother’s massacre and her life was changed forever. Trying to forget her haunting past, Miriam travels to Cape Madre with her newfound friend Macy for a fun Spring Break at the beach. The fun does not last long when Miriam finds herself saving a tourist from something lurking under the water… something big and very dangerous. Seafaring legends and Norse mythology point her in the direction of a sea creature she aims to find and destroy, yet her past as a hunter for creatures of legend is the past she so longs to forget. Now, Miriam faces the battle of her life to not only save Cape Madre from becoming the next victim to a creature of the deep, but to save herself from becoming someone she is not meant to be.

Barnett has not only succeeded in telling yet another exciting new story for fans of monsters and folklore, he has strengthened his writing and storytelling skills in The Kraken of Cape Madre. His short, sweet, and to the point writing style still takes readers on a fast-paced adventure, but he slows down just a touch in his newest novel, giving readers more detail behind the characters of the story and the recent disappearances of people from Cape Madre. His storytelling is just as clever as it was in The Beast of Rose Valley and has gained a bit more of the suspense/ horror aspect the first seemed to have been lacking.

While the monster in The Kraken of Cape Madre is more well-known than the Beast Barnett introduced, this new monster is not what it seems. Readers may have it pegged for what the title gives away; however, Barnett has worked his magic and put a clever spin on a legend told since the times of pirates and Vikings. Introducing the monster right away, Barnett continues his trademark of not leaving the readers saying, “Reveal what the threat is already!”, rather, having his readers say, “Wow, that was fast! Tell me more!”. A very clever technique Barnett has developed right at the start of his writing career is giving just enough detail to keep readers guessing without giving away the mystery. For example, there are parts in the story where the monster is mentioned and described to the readers, but at the same time, it isn’t described. Without even realizing it, readers will have a clear image of the monster in their minds with very minimal detail given.

While the cast of characters in The Beast of Rose Valley was small, it is even smaller in The Kraken of Cape Madre. In all honesty, this was an excellent decision on Barnett’s part. While he developed his former characters very well, there were still certain aspects of some that remained a mystery. The handful of characters in this story, some readers already know and some brand new faces, are given the chance to grow and develop as the story goes on. His characters’ dialog is just as strong in this installment as his first, but the most noteworthy character is the main protagonist, Miriam. While she did not have as much time in the spotlight before, readers will most certainly learn about her now. Her character is so complex and beautifully written. She longs to hunt the monster to avenge her brother’s death, yet also does not want to revisit her past of how she was trained to track down folklore. She is sure of herself, yet at the same time, indecisive. She portrays the perfect blend of stubbornness and grief, a combination many readers can most likely relate to.

Fans of monsters and folklore are in for yet another treat as Barnett continues his new Lorestalker Series with a second strong installment. The Kraken of Cape Madre offers readers what The Beast of Rose Valley did and more. His fast-paced storytelling and the mystery and suspense of his monster keep readers intrigued and wanting to know more. It offers a bit more of a horror aspect in addition to the suspense and thrills and more adventure. If anything, Barnett’s new series is almost turning into a crazy new version of Scooby Doo: no talking dog and goofiness, but plenty of thrills and hunting of monsters not in a costume. This series of unknown length is becoming one to keep an eye on. Pick up a copy of The Kraken of Cape Madre on June 3rd and readers will also get a first look at the third in the series, The Witch of Gray’s Point, releasing in December of this year.


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