A short novel that is witty, fun, and cleverly written

Would you like to do something other than just eat during your hour lunch at work? Looking for a way to entertain yourself while waiting for your doctor’s appointment? Don’t feel like talking to anyone on the bus during your commute to work in the morning? Rather than picking up the phone, why not pass the time away with a story? Or, more precisely, why not pass the time with a fun new novel that is short enough to read in one sitting, regardless how fast one reads, and provides entertainment during those periods of waiting during the day? Then look no further than self-published author Andrew R. Rampkin’s debut novel, Ribxo McCoy: The Witty Jester.

Ribxo McCoy was raised in a life of poverty; however, he did not allow it to define who he was and would impress people with his wisdom and humor them with his wit. As a child, he met a wizard who gave him a choice: he could either choose wisdom or wealth, but could not have both. Thinking he was more clever than the wizard, Ribxo managed to obtain both wisdom and wealth and believed his life of poverty had reached its end… Little did he know the life he would lead as he grew older would lead to many adventures. Follow the world’s wittiest jester Ribxo McCoy as he wishes to gain King Xavier’s favor to work under his rule and see how his wit lands him into many misfortunes and how his intelligence saves him countless times from fates which, more likely than not, end in death.

Was Ribxo McCoy an actual person? Was he truly the jester to King Xavier during the Golden Era of The Liondam Empire? Well, no, for none of these characters nor this Empire are real, but how Rampkin begins his debut makes readers believe that these characters and this empire actually existed at some point in history. For a new author on his first book, Rampkin has outdone himself with his cleverly written Ribxo McCoy. It first reads like a history book, but then quickly transitions into reading very much like a book of mythological tales, reading almost like the tales of Robin Hood mixed with the many trials Diarmuid faced in The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne. This makes for a very unpredictable, yet entertaining read.

Readers will witness roughly about fifteen adventures Ribxo endures that range from a spat he has with the King’s bishop to faking his own death to deceiving the King into giving him money on multiple occasions and so much more. Each story is unique and different from the last and each, as aforementioned, is unpredictable, providing never before told tales for ample entertainment. Most of the stories are humorous and lighthearted while a couple actually have a more serious and heartfelt tone to them. Other than one more needed round of quick editing, perhaps the only downside of Ribxo McCoy is the fact that there are not more stories about this dear jester contained within this book, for Rampkin’s quick and witty humor will make readers quickly devour each story and want more upon completion.

Ribxo McCoy: The Witty Jester is a must-read and most certainly the next read on anyone’s list. There can be no excuses from any reader saying that Rampkin’s debut is “too long” or that they “don’t have the time to read it.” This story is so short that, regardless of how quickly one reads, it will take less than an hour to get through it. The multiple stories about the fictional jester are cleverly written and contain wonderful wit and humor for all to enjoy. How the stories are set up will make readers feel as if they are reading a mythology or stories of a legend from long ago. While there is much fun and humor to be found in these stories, the jester also shows heart and what it means to be alive. To everyone who has a moment where they must pass the time, whether it is waiting for your date to arrive for dinner or you wish to avoid talking to your chatty neighbor on your short flight to the next state: put down the phones and pick up Rampkin’s debut Ribxo McCoy for some quick much needed entertainment.


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