A transformative conversation with Robert Novak

To be able to witness and aid others in transformational periods of life is an amazing and rare gift for people to possess. It is also a gift many are drawn to, as if those who are going through a transformation, whatever that transformation may be, are searching for those with the gift to help them. Robert Novak is one such person who possesses that rare gift. “I always like to say I’m pretty down to Earth, grounded,” Novak said. “I like to consider myself a catalyst of transformation.” Novak is someone who helps people discover what is transforming in their lives and he says there are no limitations as to what people go through. “They find themselves to me, meaning that sometimes they show up not knowing why,” Novak said. “For whatever reason you were led here; I show up, you show up, something’s going to happen.”

Due to the many transformations Novak has witnessed and continues to witness today, he named his website “Be Willing to be Amazed” because he truly is amazed all the time by others. Novak had a transformational moment himself in 2007 that turned into the book Allowing God that was just released this past fall. He was approached by Jesus and told to write a book. “In that moment when it was happening, I was bewildered when there was no title. I was told just to write. So there [was] something important for me to write and that was special. And to have [Jesus] appear there was like, ‘Wow, how cool is this?’” Novak said. That same year was also the year he was helped through changes in his life by his teacher, friend, and co-writer Woo Du-An.

Novak and Woo Du-An worked together well into 2008 and became very good friends. “He really worked with me through a lot of my transformations,” Novak said. It wasn’t until 2010 that Woo would also become a part of Allowing God. Novak had written everything out for Allowing God and had a fairly thick book completed. He was in the process of learning how to market his book when Woo came along to help edit it. “What I had originally wrote down and all the different things I was just writing, they were the things that we had brought forward in the book, but in a totally different language,” Novak said. A catalyst and an artist came together with two different languages and created a book that morphed into words that were more experiential, taking people through the book so they can experience and relate to the words. “I write more directive: not story, not experiential,” Novak said. “That’s what was so crazy: how here, I’m hooked up with Woo, who’s a music composer, a poet, a writer, that has this artistic ability that can actually put different words in a way that are not directive, but are experiential.”

The main purpose of Allowing God is that every reader who reads it will take away something different. No one person will read it the same. “[Woo and I] created the book to where one can read the individual chapters at different times and not have to be a comprehensive thing with the book.” Novak said. “One can really get a lot out of just reading those few pages. And we purposely made it to where it was short enough to where one could read things. Let’s get to the whole point of it and quickly and experience it and share it from that perspective versus going on and on and on. Sometimes I think books are made just because they need to have two or three hundred pages a book and are you extending it longer than it needs to? Let’s just get to the heart of the matter and share the real message.”

For Novak, there were three chapters that really spoke to him. One chapter is Chapter Ten: “God Is an Outlaw Path.” “There’s so many things that we think that we need to be a certain way, follow certain rules, certain ways of doing things. And when it boils down to it, what makes no sense, is when you actually go outside those boundaries and can actually have that faith and curiosity enough to just allow that nudge or that pull to take you there. So, in that aspect, that is why you are an outlaw,” Novak said. Another chapter is Chapter Thirteen: “Doubt is Essential.” “Doubt in healthy measure allows us to evaluate and improve,” Novak said. “We need to start shedding our beliefs and identities and really look at being human, that whole doubt of ‘what is this all about?’ and how do we really find that faith.” One last chapter that really spoke to Novak was Chapter Eighteen: “Learning Through the Burning.” He says “Learning Through the Burning” and the idea of love and fire go hand in hand, especially in relationships. “When you’re so enamored by wanting to love this person or pulled in that love and you start to become more open and vulnerable because you really want that and that is also when the fire can start coming in. That fire in ourselves, something has to change in us because that love is there and at the same time, we could be really shaken inside. Our belief structures or our own insecurities and needs. Through that relation, whatever type that is, there’s fire and that’s how we grow: through that interaction and tension, that love and fire. So love will be that hook and at the same time, the fire changes us.”

When Allowing God was finally published, Novak said it was totally amazing to hold the book in his hand for the first time. “It definitely brought up some emotions of, ‘Wow, this is really here. Now what?’ You wait for so long to get to that point and then a different life really beings, so it’s pretty cool,” Novak said. Even with Allowing God having just been released to the public, it will not be limited to just one book. Novak’s and Woo’s hope is to create an Allowing God series. “We really want real life stories that people can share and there are so many of them,” Novak said. “It’s so wonderful to be able to share these things so that people can know something different, they can relate to it and not from the aspect of drama, but really inspiration.” The next book in the series will be called Allowing God Makes a Difference: 26 True Stories to Inspire and Renew the Fire of Divine Love at the very Center of Your Soul. What is exciting about this upcoming book is that there is that those who wish to share their transformation stories and stories of being touched by God are able to by submitting an essay. Novak said people can submit essays until December 31st and then the 26 stories chosen for Allowing God Makes a Difference will be announced in April of next year.

Exciting new happenings do not stop with just the Allowing God books. Novak and Woo are also in the process of putting together Gatherings that will occur every two weeks beginning in 2016. These Gatherings will be called “Allowing God: Journey of Life Teachings” and will be offered online. “We’ll talk about different aspects of the book, but anything else we’ll bring up. It’ll be a nice interaction that we’ll be sharing with people,” Novak said. “Woo and I can take this to a whole nother level with people because some people have so many questions and what it’s all about, what it all means, so let’s just talk. Let’s see what it’s all about. With both Woo and I being very intuitive, then it can be more directive to what’s going on with that person because everyone’s situation is different.”

So many wonderful transformations happen every day and, what makes them so intriguing and so fascinating is that they never stop happening throughout life. Some transformations are amazing blessings while others are difficult lessons that must be learned. A catalyst of transformation like Novak is always there to help people through any kind of transformation and is there to let people know that they are not alone. Novak even recommends a “Sit with God Meditation” that is offered on his website where people can take a few moments, sit down and, while listening to a composition by Woo, connect with God. Novak said that he has had most of insights listening to this meditation and just those few moments connecting with God has been very impactful on his life. With the Allowing God series beginning to take off and the online Gatherings in the process of beginning, Novak and Woo are on a mission to touch the lives of people around the world. “[The Gatherings] can happen ANYWHERE, through the whole universe,” Novak said. “We’ll leave it just to planet Earth, though.”


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