An inspiring novella about finding love and believing in one’s self

Both inspirational and poetic, Jhoi is gifted in the art of words; yet she remains guarded, not truly fulfilling her potential. Hence why she is surprised when Marcus, a singer she went to high school with, takes an interest in her. The suave artist who she believed to be an amazing performer turns out to be a quirky young man who is just as guarded as she is… and just the right quirky soul to bring down her guard. These two souls inspire one another in a way no one else could and form a bond stronger than any relationship ever could.

With a name meaning “hope”, author Nadine C. Keels pursues the same message by publishing stories that fill readers with hope and inspiration. Her most recent story, World of the Innocent, provides inspiration in finding love. Based on a true story, it is “a tale of love, enduring belief, and the meaning of innocence”. It is a short read, spanning roughly about 100 pages, and very enjoyable for both adults and young adults.

For those who are just being introduced to Keels’ work, they are in for a treat in World of the Innocent. The story itself is very sweet and a great read for any lover at heart or any soul searching for love and it shows that even those who believe they won’t receive/ find love, it will find them. It is also a story that inspires pursuing passion within one’s self and, with the help of another, overcoming the self-doubt that stands in the way. There is not much detail in World of the Innocent and it would have made an even better story if there was more added to it, yet Keels paints an excellent picture in the reader’s mind with her simple and graceful writing style. From the first page, Jhoi retells her story as if she is speaking directly to the reader. This makes the reading experience feel as if Jhoi were really sitting in the same room verbally telling her story to the reader, hence making the reader feel as if they were truly in the story themselves.

Jhoi is a character who is young and innocent; quick to encourage others to pursue their passions, yet insecure in her own abilities as a public speaker and poet; strong in her faith in God, yet quick to doubt herself. Jhoi is one many young women can find themselves relating to and this is why readers will be routing for her to become closer to Marcus. Marcus is one Jhoi believed would be the last man to take an interest in her, yet he becomes the man who brings out the best in her, calms her insecurities, and builds her confidence. He does for her as she does for him which is what love is all about, providing an excellent lesson for those searching for love or for those who have never found it, but have not stopped searching.

If readers are searching for a short enjoyable read, they need look no further than Keels’ World of the Innocent. It is more than just a stereotypical love story: it is a story that inspires readers to accomplish what is believed to be, at times, impossible: to find love and follow their passions, no matter what. It is a novella of a young insecure woman who does just that: finds love in the most unexpected of places and, with that love, finds the inner strength to overcome her self-doubts on her passion for public speaking and poetry. Keels has published many stories with similar messages of hope and inspiration. If readers are being introduced to her work through World of the Innocent, they will most likely be curious to read another of her works upon completion.


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