Children can travel the country and through history with self-published children’s book series

Books are one of the best modes of teaching for any age. For children, books can be excellent introductions to many different places, people, ideas, and events. Retired teacher, Barbara Ann Mojica, holds a Master’s Degree in history and wished to share her knowledge with the younger generation. She created Little Miss History, a young girl who travels to various places across the United States and shares famous historical events that happened at each of these places. To make Little Miss History a reality, Mojica went through Amazon self-publishing and has since published six books in her Little Miss HISTORY Travels… series for children to enjoy.


With the National Parks Service celebrating their 100th anniversary on August 25, what better way for families to celebrate than by reading Little Miss HISTORY – Travels to Sequoia National Park to their children? This book marks the third volume in Mojica’s series, but her books are not ones that need to be read in the order they were written. This third installment of the series offers a quick, but intriguing history of the second national park to be designated in the United States.


Little Miss HISTORY – Travels to Sequoia National Park holds many interesting facts and bits of information for children to read, learn from, and enjoy about Sequoia National Park. Children will learn facts about sequoia trees, different figures in history associated with the park, animals that people may see during their visit to the park, and even the air pollution surrounding the park. These are facts that children and adults will find interesting. The only down side readers may have is that the book seems to just end with really no true conclusion which may leave readers wanting to learn more.


Regardless of the abrupt ending, Mojica concludes by giving a hint as to where Little Miss History will travel to in her next book. Not to mention the facts that make up the book would make for an excellent day of activities and problem solving for any elementary school class. Children of any age will enjoy not only the fascinating facts, but also the incredibly colorful and vibrant images. The book contains a wonderful mix of photographs Mojica and her husband took when they visited Sequoia National Park themselves and hand-drawn illustrations created by Mojica’s husband, Victor Ramon Mojica.


With the new school year beginning around the same time the National Parks Service celebrates their 100th anniversary, Little Miss HISTORY – Travels to Sequoia National Park would be an excellent way to commemorate the many people who have given their services to protect wildlife and to protect the people who interact with it. Mojica is incredibly knowledgeable of history and, by following Little Miss History in Mojica’s self-published series, children can learn about different parts of history in a fun and colorful format.



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