Hallmark Channel’s first movie based on self-published book airs

June has arrived bringing with it the official kickoff of the summer season as well as the prime time for weddings. With this month being the ideal month for two lovebirds finally tying the knot, romance is in the air and the Hallmark Channel is more than aware of this fact. The Hallmark Channel is THE channel to watch for romantic and good-feel movies and, to commemorate the many weddings happening, is hosting a June Weddings movie marathon. One of the wedding movies that is airing Saturday, June 11 at 9/8c pm is actually based on an indie-published book by Stephanie Bond: Stop the Wedding!


Divorce attorney Annabelle Coakley receives troublesome news: her Aunt Belle is getting married to a neighbor she believed her aunt hated. This neighbor is no ordinary neighbor, for he is the old actor, Sean Castleberry, who has been married three times already and his past wives have all been of a young age. Clay Castleberry, Sean’s son, is not thrilled about his father’s newest engagement either. Both Clay and Annabelle travel to see the wedding; however, what Sean and Belle do not know is that, upon meeting one another, their son and niece begin a collaboration to stop this wedding from even happening.


As aforementioned, Stop the Wedding! is based on Bond’s self-published Amazon book. What is really fascinating is that Stop the Wedding! is the first indie-published book that the Hallmark Channel has chosen for its programming. This is very exciting for both Bond and Hallmark alike and Bond has even created a special movie tie-in cover for her e-book, available on Amazon for a limited time. The movie itself is fairly different from the book (as many book-to-movie adaptations are), but it is not an unlikeable difference. Those who are familiar with Bond’s work will be intrigued by the changes made to the story and enjoy the new tweaks placed within it and those who are unfamiliar with the story will enjoy the movie and, perhaps, wish to purchase Bond’s e-book after watching.


Viewers will follow four main characters throughout the movie: Annabelle Coakley (Rachel Boston), Clay Castleberry (Niall Matter), Belle Coakley (Lini Evans), and Sean Castleberry (Alan Thicke). The actors and actresses playing these roles did an excellent job at keeping the story light-hearted and fun. While watching, viewers will even see in various scenes that the actors and actresses were just having so much fun.


Actress Rachel Boston confirmed that she very much enjoyed her role as Annabelle in the movie. I really enjoyed the scenes where we are on our mission to ‘stop the wedding.’ We are hiding in the bushes, trying to figure out our next plan, and then we end up at a gala and that leads us to Vegas. Those scenes were really fun to shoot,” Boston said. “Niall Matter and I were laughing a lot during a scene at the jewelry store. We do whatever it takes to get past security. And I loved the wedding. My parents were in town that weekend and they are actually in our movie wedding, which was very sweet.”


The cinematography, along with the acting, is to be commended. The use of light and bright colors is very appealing to the eye. Mixing the use of light along with the uplifting music score keeps the heartwarming effect this romantic comedy was going for. Blending everything together to make one enjoyable movie will make Stop the Wedding! a fun experience for the viewers as well as a most humbling experience for Bond as she views her work come to life on the screen. The actors and actresses have not gotten the chance to meet Bond in person, but Boston was able to do an interview with her. “I haven’t met Stephanie in person, but we did an interview together for USA Today and she is so lovely! She has been very supportive of the film and I would love to meet her,” Boston said. Whether viewers record the movie to watch later or watch the movie as it airs, Stop the Wedding! is a heartwarming romantic comedy that can be enjoyed tonight on the Hallmark Channel.



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