Knowledgeable screenwriter publishes well-written debut novel

Many debut novels by aspiring new writers have been or are currently being published by the young online crowdfunding publisher, Inkshares. One writer who has had his debut novel published through Inkshares may have released his first book, but he is a well-known writer of screenplays. Movies he has written screenplays for include The Book of Eli, After Earth, and he is currently working on the screenplay for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Due to just these few credits, viewers and authors alike are aware that Gary Whitta is knowledgeable of the elements of science fiction and fantasy, and he shows his skills in his debut novel, Abomination.

Sir Wulfric is a knight of valor who fought alongside and saved Alfred the Great while defending England from a Viking invasion. When he is called to help fight alongside Alfred again, he faces an enemy unlike any man has ever seen. The monsters known as abominations are the things of nightmares and, while fighting them, Wulfric is cursed to live a life equivalent to the nightmares the monsters emerged from. Struggling alone through an endless hell, a chance meeting with a young warrior gives him hope that there may yet be a way for him to find the light again.

While reading Abomination, it is very clear that Whitta is skilled in the art of writing and knowledgeable of both the science fiction and fantasy genres. More well-rehearsed in writing screenplays, there are areas of Whitta’s story that read very much like a script for a movie, which will make it easy to develop a script if and when this story turns into a movie. The detail Whitta uses is exquisite, painting a very beautiful and, at times, gruesome picture within the reader’s mind, making for an intriguing viewing experience within the imagination.

There are many elements that will make readers want to pick up and read this particular debut. As aforementioned, it reads very much like a movie, which will most certainly appeal to a variety of age groups, though this is not recommended for children for it most certainly houses a dark and nightmarish element to it. Like all fantasy and science fiction movies, there is a familiar plot and overall presence; however, the plot for Abomination is far from cliché and has an excellent twist no one will see coming. And, while fantasy and science fiction movies tend to focus on a group of roughly at least five main characters, Abomination follows two main characters who they will grow attached to: the valorous knight, Wulfric, and the young stubborn warrior, Indra.

The pace of the story can be slow, which may not appeal to many readers nowadays who prefer fast-paced material; however, this truly adds to the element of suspense, gradually leading up to haunting scenes or terrible revelations. Readers who are fans of detailed description will be pleasantly pleased to discover Whitta makes wonderful use of detail. And yet, with the lead up throughout the entire story, the ending is rather disappointing. For such a wonderful and gradual set up for the story’s finale, the ending feels rushed. It could be, to some readers, a bit of a letdown, but it does bring the story as a whole to a close and even hints at a possible sequel.

Regardless of the rushed ending, Abomination is an incredible debut novel and a wonderful addition to the genre of dark fantasy. It is a story that will most certainly play like a movie within the reader’s mind and its use of descriptive detail will paint a beautiful picture to really bring the imagination movie-viewing experience to life. Whitta knows how to tell a dark and intriguing story and takes his screenplay writing to a new level by publishing his debut novel. Abomination will reach out to audiences of different age groups, sharing a story that speaks about the monster found within everyone and how there is a way for everyone to tame that monster.



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