More adventure and fantasy awaits in young adult duology conclusion

Thya never wished to stay and rule Tsinia, wanting nothing but to return back to Earth once the fight to save her people was over. With Kovon defeated, Tsinia safe, and the tragic death of one of Tsinia’s inhabitants leaving her subjects in shock, Thya sees no more reason to stay. With the promise she would return only if they truly needed her, Thya returns to her home on Earth and changes her name to Haty to live a normal life. Years later, Haty is, once again, summoned back to Tsinia as their ruler to defeat a danger believed to be vanquished. Kovon has returned and possesses a power that not only threatens Tsinia, but all of the surrounding lands, as well. A war lurks on the horizon and a prophecy has foretold that only Thya can stop it by finding a crystal eye containing a dark power that will defeat Kovon once and for all. Along with a small group of trusted allies, Thya sets out on a quest into the unknown wilderness of a land she hardly knows. Not to mention an entity lurks within Thya that cannot be controlled and is gaining the power to take over her mind and soul with each passing moment. Doubts and courage clash as Thya endures a quest that will either lead to the land and her people’s salvation… or to everyone’s ultimate demise.

Illusional Reality made an excellent introduction to author Karina Kantas’ unique new world of Tsinia. Readers were introduced to the Tsinians with their peaceful lifestyle and their eloquent speech; Thya and Alkazar’s romance and the difficulties they faced as they tried to be together; and the battle of good versus evil as Thya fought to save her subjects. Much was introduced; however, it left readers wanting to know more. Now, a new story awaits as The Quest marks the exciting conclusion of author Kantas’ young adult fantasy romance duology. With adventure and unpredictable twists and turns, it is sure to surprise and entertain until the final page.  

Kantas’ knack for worldbuilding continues and strengthens as she journeys outside of the kingdom of Tsinia and delves into classic fantasy settings such as deserts, swamps, forests, castles, dungeons, and more. This makes for a memorable journey with the characters and gives Kantas’ series much more of a fantasy feel than the first installment. The seemingly cliché plot points do not appear as often as the first and the ones that do appear are, of course, tweaked to create a somewhat new and enjoyable experience for the readers just like the first. The story flows at a smooth and quick pace, making the readers want to see where the journey will continue with each passing chapter.

An excellent new addition that will satisfy any fantasy lover is the introduction of fantasy creatures. These were not truly introduced in Illusional Reality, though some were perhaps mentioned at times. What The Quest offers is not the average golden dragon here or mystical snow white unicorn there, but all new fantastical beasts, showing Kantas’ creative talent. Only a handful are introduced, but when they do make an appearance, Kantas goes into such amazing detail that readers will be able to see every inch of the creatures within their minds.

As far as characters go, readers will come across familiar faces from the first book and will be introduced to new ones as the sequel progresses. While it was tricky at times to keep track of the many characters in Illusional Reality, The Quest offers only a handful of new characters readers will follow, making it easier to remember who is who. Kantas has also taken the time to carefully develop each of her new characters while developing familiar characters on a much deeper scale. Thya is, once again, a powerhouse woman and has most certainly become stronger in this story, though Kantas has thrown a new curveball at her readers regarding Thya’s character. The only way to find out what this new surprise is… is to read The Quest.

The Quest marks the end of Kantas’ young adult fantasy romance duology, adding even more adventure and fantasy into her world and concluding on a satisfying note. The sequel will capture the audience’s attention even more so than the first and brings what seemed to be missing from the series as a whole. Though this duology would have been even more entertaining as a trilogy to give readers even more of a background on the world’s history as well as other aspects of the story and some of the characters, readers will be content with how the story ends. Perhaps Kantas will create a spinoff series or perhaps some short stories about some of the historical aspects of Tsinia and the wide fantastical world surrounding it. Until we find out, readers are encouraged to finish Illusional Reality, if they haven’t already, so that they may begin reading The Quest as soon as possible.


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