Second in thriller cop series provides more realism, more complexity, and more thrills

Last spring, new author Dwayne Clayden introduced an all-new thriller series that follows a cop who just cannot seem to ever find himself in a safe situation. Readers first met the Calgary cop Brad Coulter in Crisis Point. Losing his best friend and partner during an armed robbery, Brad takes it upon himself to go after the killers who are also connected to a series of mall robberies. The first of Clayden’s new series offered promise and more excitement and thrills to come in future books. This past spring, readers were given Brad Coulter’s next mission in Outlaw MC and it is one that most certainly proves to be far more dangerous than his first.  

Two years have passed since Calgary cop Brad Coulter lost his partner, took on a dangerous mission, and nearly died. Now, he is Sergeant of the Tactical Support Unit and taking on perhaps his most dangerous case. Rival motorcycle gangs are waging war between their factions and this, in turn, is beginning to threaten the city and its innocent inhabitants. After a string of murders and the kidnapping of a young teenage girl, Coulter and his partner struggle to bring the waring gangs to justice, but it becomes difficult when the certified search warrants come up empty-handed and no one, not even a cop, can be trusted. Coulter and his team realize that in order to protect and serve for the greater good, some laws may have to be broken which could lead to terrible consequences.

While Clayden made a good first impression with Crisis Point, he truly made an impact with Outlaw MC. This book is incredibly difficult to put down as the excellent talent found in the first book has definitely been enhanced in the second of the Brad Coulter novels. What made the first book in this series so memorable was the fact that Clayden brought real world experience to his writing, making the story more realistic than many others of its kind on the shelves. Outlaw MC was so realistic and so detailed, it was at times terrifyingly realistic. The two biker gangs are incredibly believable in what they do, waring over who pretty much runs the drug and prostitution trade in the city. Readers will get a personal look at what the bikers do to get what they want and Clayden does not sugarcoat anything…

The story is incredibly complex and detailed, yet it makes sense and the readers will be able to follow pretty much everything that is going on for one of Clayden’s talented perks is the fact that readers know the inner thoughts of ALL of the characters at any given point. This may seem strange at first, considering stories like these usually leave a bit of mystery; however, when the readers have knowledge of everything that is going on, it is surprisingly refreshing and new. Knowing the plotting and planning of the good and the bad is fascinating and even with this knowledge, Clayden still manages to throw surprises at the readers, making for a very enjoyable reading experience.

Knowing the characters’ inner thoughts, readers also get to see the excellent development of some of the main characters, namely two of the main characters. The first, of course, is Brad Coulter who has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with and his drive to protect and serve is stronger than ever. In Crisis Point, he was always one who wanted to protect the people, making him an excellent cop. In Outlaw MC, he is willing to go a bit further than he should to continue protecting the innocent and is even willing to make a few sacrifices if it means others will be safe. The paramedic Maggie Gray is the other character. While a young learning student in the field when Brad first met her, she has matured in two years from student to down-to-business professional with still a touch of a personable and sympathetic side. Both of these characters have developed beautifully throughout both books and their development will most likely still continue as books continue to be released.

With two motorcycle gangs introduced in Outlaw MC, there are many new characters readers will meet. It can be difficult for authors to juggle many characters and ensure each has their own unique personalities and development, yet Clayden did a very good job in doing so. Granted, there are times readers could possibly get confused on which character belongs to which of the gangs, but readers will pick up on the characters as the story progresses. Readers will follow two main gangs, the Gypsy Jokers and the Satan’s Soldiers, and some of these characters can be incredibly twisted and disturbing to read, especially a gang member known as Wolfman. Readers will also get a first-person view from the kidnapped teenager and, as aforementioned, Clayden does not sugarcoat the details.

More realistic, more complex, and more thrilling, Outlaw MC is an impressionable continuation of Clayden’s thriller series. It will be rather difficult for readers to put this book down once they start for they will want to know what happens next. What will the cops choose to do? What are the gangs planning? Who is going to get hurt? Is anyone truly safe? To answer the last question, no character is safe from harm and this is a trait already found in Clayden’s first two books alone. One of the reasons that make Outlaw MC so enjoyable is the fact that it is its own story, yet it also has scattered references to its predecessor to remind readers what has happened two years prior. It is still definitely worth reading Crisis Point before Outlaw MC so one can follow the characters as they learn and develop. Outlaw MC will leave readers with somewhat of a cliffhanger; however, readers will not have to wait long to continue as the third in Clayden’s series Wolfman is Back releases this week on November 7.


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