The final in duology tells of hitting rock bottom and discovering one’s self to climb back out again

“I would stay behind and continue to play Mad-Libs with my own lesson plans year after year, trying to pay back my student loans without having to live like an indentured servant. Their lives were just beginning, mine was merely continuing. How exactly was I expected to start anew, begin a new chapter?” (Effortless pg. 253).

That perfect life is within arm’s reach for Helen Levit. After traveling to Paris and London as a chaperone for a class trip, she has made excellent strides with Jamie. However, life has different plans for Helen as her fiancé follows through on a threat he has made to her numerous times in the past that shatters her almost perfect life. She wanted to start her life anew, begin a whole new chapter for a wonderful new life, but how can she now? Confronted with a new chapter she does not wish to endure, Helen must face it head on and take on the new and unexpected challenges that stand in her way. Happiness awaits beyond the hardships, but will Helen be strong enough to endure the trials and tribulations long enough to reach it?

The conclusion of author Marina Raydun’s Effortless duology delves even further than the first, showing inevitable negative effects due to poor choices in life. Inevitable shows Helen hitting absolute rock bottom and having to find the will power to climb back up again. With this in mind, the second story is not as lighthearted as the first as it takes on a more serious tone; however, it still proves to be, once again, an enjoyable and truthful read. Raydun’s storytelling and writing style are as beautiful as ever and possibly even stronger than in Effortless. She focuses on life more than love once again, but this time, her character must find a way out of an incredibly dark place after certain events happen in life. Not much detail can be given due to potential spoilers, but the lessons that can be taken away from Inevitable are crucial.

Helen is just as relatable of a character, if not more so, in Inevitable than she was in Effortless. No one wishes to face that terrible moment in life where everything seems to fall apart and they have no idea how to even begin fixing it. Kristen Wiig’s character in Bridesmaids is actually an excellent rendition of Helen in Inevitable. Helen believes she has her life together, yet everything seems to go wrong. While Raydun’s story is not as comical as the aforementioned movie, both women have lives that just don’t seem to be going right and no matter what they do, life seems to only get worse. Then again, it does not help that both women try to fix things in the wrong way at first until they figure out what will work best for their situations.

With Inevitable, Raydun has brought out the mirror again to place in front of her readers. This mirror is more terrifying to look at than the first time around for it shows the struggle and hardships of hitting rock bottom. For Helen, she feels like she is trapped and she feels as if no one is on her side for everyone seems to be telling her to start her life over, yet she doesn’t know where to begin. Once again, Raydun also shows that during dark times, there is hope. Helen’s family and friends “pick” on her because they care about her and they are trying to push her towards the direction she should go to better herself. One does not have to stay at the bottom. The future is not set and one can make it however great they want it to be. It is never an easy road to travel, but it is not an impossible journey either.

While not much detail can be given due to potential spoilers, Inevitable makes for an excellent conclusion in Raydun’s Effortless duology. It shows the impossibility of striving for effortlessness in one’s life and the inevitable fall to rock bottom due to poor choices made. It also shows that it is possible to recover from the fall and turn life around to create a life worth living. Raydun has crafted a beautiful duology of finding one’s self and how even when life may seem to be crashing down, one needs to find what will bring him or her back up again.


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