Roll Out Reviews 2023 Update

Hello everyone! It has been some time since I have been active. Roll Out Reviews has been out of commission due to various reasons, and I have taken a sabbatical of sorts during this pandemic. I do not know when I will post a new review again, but I do wish to upload my previous book reviews once more.

I do apologize to any author I have already reviewed for as the original links I sent you will no longer work. However, your reviews can still be found on here and they should be easier to find as I have changed the titles of my reviews to be more straightforward.

Bear with me as I upload all of my reviews I have written thus far, and I will be making more and more changes as I go.

I greatly appreciate all of the support from the writing community in the past and hope to continue being a part of this community going forward.

Alicia Smock

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