A book full of sloths and love

A passion resides within every person that drives them and, ultimately, transforms them into who they will become. This passion could lead someone to their dream career or it could shape someone into one who helps others or it could even save someone’s life. Upon hitting a tragic point in her life, Sam Trull discovered a passion that saved her life by leading her to her future job of taking care of animals that needed help: sloths. Trull then wished to share her story and did so through her book, Slothlove.

Slothlove is a wonderful photographic book that deserves a place on every bookshelf. With each turn of the page, an adorable picture of a sloth awaits, touching the hearts of any reader. Paired with each photo come interesting facts about sloths including what they eat, where they live, how they survive, the different kinds of sloths around the world, and more. Whether a reader knows everything there is to know about sloths or knows absolutely nothing, these facts offer an excellent introduction to these cute creatures.

Within the pages of this photographic book, readers will also find stories. The first story readers will come across is Trull’s own story. She reached a very difficult time in her life and, after several attempts to turn it around, she found herself in Costa Rica planning to work with primates. Instead, she began working with sloths and found herself falling in love with these vulnerable animals. After being introduced to Trull, readers will then be introduced to five sloths that became a part of Trull’s life: Chuck, Kermie, Elvis, Monster, and Newbie. Newbie even appeared on the BBC show Nature’s Miracle Orphans.

Published in 2016 through the online crowdfunding publisher Inkshares, nearly 14,000 copies of Slothlove have already been sold. Its wonderful assortment of adorable sloth pictures, wide range of facts about sloths’ way of life, and stories of not only the writer, but of the sloths she works with makes Slothlove a touching and inspiring read. Sloths changed Trull’s life. They became her passion and drove her to be a co-founder of The Sloth Institute Costa Rica. She found a love that she admits to thinking about all the time, one that saved her from a dark time in her life by giving her a love and drive to keep moving forward.


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