Freelance Editing



 While earning my English degree, I acquired a special focus in editing. And thus, I welcome you to my freelance editing services.

 I have the skills to proofread and copyedit documents you would prefer a second pair of eyes to look over. Whether you would like for a quick glance over a document or a more thorough edit of a draft of a soon-to-be published book, just let me know.

 Price: $50/hour

*Prices may vary pending on service – Please feel free to talk to me about your budget*

 Feel free to contact me at with any projects you would like to have edited and deadlines you would need/ like the projects completed by.


*December 2016: Edited My Garden Angel by self-published author Sandra Ann Falcetta

*September 2016: Edited Culture Shock: Challenges to Triump by self-published author

Darwin Kenney Sr.

 *June 2016: Aided in editing English Version of Morgan Dark’s Zero

            ~Originally published in Spain in 2015 by Rubiños 1860

            ~Publisher’s Website:

~Link to Zero (English Version):