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Have many people, whether they are a Historian or a reader looking for an interesting story, ever heard of Kate Elder? More than likely not for her life was kept rather well-hidden from the spotlight because she could never find a publisher to share her story… or rather, she could never find a publisher who could afford to sell her story. Now the time has finally come for all to know the true story behind this fascinating woman of the Old West. Award-winning author Chris Enss took it upon herself to research and share the life of Kate Elder and what a story Kate had to tell. Released in October of 2019 and the winner from the draw of the South Dakota Festival of Books, readers should take a look at the life of Kate Elder in Enss’ newest book According to Kate and can get a glimpse behind the story in the following press release written by Jessica Kastner of Roman & Littlefield Publishing Group.

Contact: Jessica Kastner | | 203-458-4511

Doc Holliday’s paramour Big Nose Kate could never get a publisher to give her the big bucks
she demanded to tell the story of her life, but that didn’t mean she didn’t collect material she wanted to use in a biography. Over the fifty years Mary Kate Cummings, alias Big Nose Kate, traversed the West she saved letters from her family, musings she had written about her love interests, and life with the notorious John Henry Holliday. Using rare, never before published material Big Nose Kate stock-piled in anticipation of writing the tale of her days on the Wild Frontier, the definitive book about the famous soiled dove will finally be told.

Chris Enss is an award winning, New York Times Bestselling author who has penned more than thirty books on the subject of women of the Old West.  In addition to being a Spur Award finalist, she’s also been honored with an Elmer Kelton Book Award, two Will Rogers Medallion Awards, the Oklahoma Historical Society’s Outstanding Book on Oklahoma History Award, the Spirit of the West Alive Award cosponsored by the Wild West Gazette, and the Citizen of the Year Award from the Nevada County Historical Society. Her most recent works include Cowboys, Creatures, and Classics: The Story of Republic Pictures, The Principles of Posse Management: Lessons from the Old West for Today’s Leaders, The Trials of Annie Oakley, and The Pinks: The First Women Detectives, Operatives, and Spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

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