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Author Dwayne Clayden has truly impressed with his first two books of his new thriller series. Not only are these the first two books in his Brad Coulter series, but they are also the first two books Clayden has written and readers are truly in for a real treat as more books continue to be released by this rising new author. Readers will first follow Calgary cop Brad Coulter as he loses his partner and takes on the mystery behind a string of mall robberies in Crisis Point. They will then follow Coulter as he follows two motorcycle gangs in Outlaw MC as they fight over the domination of the prostitution and drug trade in Calgary. Trouble follows Coulter anywhere he goes, but he cares so much for his city that he will do whatever it takes to keep the citizens of Calgary safe. Now, Clayden’s series continues with his recently released third installment of his Brad Coulter series, Wolfman is Back. Here you will find the press release written by publicist Mickey Mikkelson of Creative Edge about Wolfman is Back and, upon finishing Outlaw MC, this one will truly be a nail-biter of a continuation to this gripping series.


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Wolfman is Back

Third Book in the Brad Coulter series! Out November 7th, 2019

By: Dwayne Clayden

When Jeter Wolfe escapes maximum security prison, he embarks on an elaborate revenge fantasy against everyone who put him behind bars.

Detective Brad Coulter discovers the Wolfman’s primary target: Crown Prosecutor Jenny Blighe. But

when Wolfe’s plans are interrupted, this predator can’t contain his violence for long, and the city soon sees the shocking results.

Coulter and his taskforce track the former enforcer of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Gang with everything they have as he stalks his prey, but how do you hunt a hunter? As Coulter closes in on Wolfe, everything he loves is on the line.

Release Date: November 7th, 2019           Available in: Paperback and Kindle

Price: $24.95 CDN ISBN: 978-1-7752564-6-5 (Paperback)Pre-order available for Wolfman is Back (Kindle)


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